Thursday, November 15, 2007


Untuk suka-suka sahaja. Boleh baca...untuk percaya....Allahualam...

The Scorpio female is an independent soul. She possesses a forbidding, keep-your-distance manner that often hides a secretive and sensitive heart. This is a woman who will risk all for love and not count the cost, but can become bitterly disappointed if her judgment is proved wrong. Undeniably romantic by nature, she demands the near-impossible of those she loves. However, this female is quick to assess personalities and situations, able to put her finger on the crux of a question or circumstance immediately, seeing through all the dross, ignoring the veneer and getting to the truth.

In addition, this woman is often at least a little psychic. She will make a number of good friends, usually keeping them all her life, and her sympathy and understanding are extended to all who come in contact with her. Still, the woman ruled by Scorpio does make for a formidable enemy. She rarely creates animosity willingly, but is sometimes driven into situations that make her the center of some manifestation of jealousy.

The contradiction of the Scorpio female character is rather puzzling to some people and endlessly fascinating to others. Outwardly, this always seems to be a relatively selfish woman who gives the appearance of self-centeredness in her concentration on personal affairs and the affairs of loved ones. Still, she can be capable of incredible self-sacrifice.

In essence, no two acquaintances will ever view this female in the same manner for she will present a different facet of her personality to each one. As a sweetheart, the Scorpio female is exciting. As a life partner, she is appealing in her determination to be the best possible companion. As a mother, she will be both understanding and disciplinary.
Basically an old-fashioned individual, the woman ruled by Scorpio is loyal and courageous. She enjoys responsibility and is very capable. With a great love of luxury, she possesses considerable taste in home furnishings and other aesthetics.

The difference in the atmosphere will very much depend on this female's intensity of feelings. She is a blunt and fearless character, doing everything passionately from the depths of her heart. Her devotion to loved ones is whole-hearted and can almost verge upon idolization at times. Rarely shy by nature, the Scorpio woman has a very healthy appetite for the physical aspect of a romantic relationship.

The Scorpio female is sensible, practical and a loyal friend. However, she is also jealous, passionate and overly-possessive. Subject to flattery, this woman must be shown a great deal of devotion and affection in order for her better nature to emerge. When it does...and when that side of her is appealed to...she can be magnificently generous, kind, considerate and tender.

But, if this female is antagonized and/or deceived, then she will give her victim plenty of cause to regret such an action. Under no circumstances should a relationship be sought with a woman governed by this Sign unless the potential mate is in magnificent health, strong of mind and determination, and willing to change personal opinions about many things. Respect for the female species in general will also be demanded by this woman.

While she always carries an air of mystery and seduction, a potential partner should never make the mistake of thinking she is someone to toy with or simply enjoy for just an evening. The Scorpio female is an absolute powder keg of emotions and passions waiting to be ignited. Still, just because an individual has all the "matches," it does not necessarily make this woman an "easy mark."

Once in a relationship, this female is fiercely loyal, making a cheating partner pay a very high price for any transgression...and though Scorpio may forgive, she will certainly never forget. It should be noted that the Scorpio female positively thrives on her secrets. Thus, if a potential mate tries to find out everything about her and manages, by chance, to succeed, then she will immediately lose interest and put an end to the relationship.

This is because having secrets is as natural to the Scorpio woman as a tree having leaves and her secrets are absolutely vital to her survival. Hence, any mate will simply have to learn to trust her. In order to be happy with this female, she should be given no cause to become suspicious or jealous.

The female governed by this Sign is exceedingly possessive by nature and cannot bear to have her affection and trust trifled with. She will stop at nothing to avenge a wrong...whether it be real or imagined. If the Scorpio woman shows a tendency to extremes, then her partner must be firm but gentle in admonishment. She must also be made to realize that moderation is the greatest virtue she can possess.

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