Friday, December 19, 2008

lagi emel pembaca

Assalamualaikum Dhiya,
I wish to congratulate you on your 1st novel! You have your own style in writing. Something new...different and unique,that i find lacking in some new writers.You have the potential of a good writer.I have just finished reading your novel and i find it very interesting and touching....
Its been a long time since i read a Malay novel that i do not want to stop reading.(rase nya macam dah bertahun) Mostly i read english novel.Reading your novel reminded me again how much i loved to read malay novels. Anyway,thank you so much for the wonderful novel...and for the wonderful time ive enjoyed with Taufik and Alia..Hopefully you will write more. Will be looking forward for your next book!!All the best to you!
p/s - Ya ALLAH pinjamkan aku sedikit kekuatan untuk menyudahkan manuskrip terbaru ini. Oh Tidak!!!!!

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