Friday, May 02, 2008

How To Be Happy With Who You Are

1. Its important to bear in mind, that every human being in this world is different, no two faces or bodies are the same. Your 'inferiority' as you may refer to it, can also be seen as a unique or individual quality. What makes you feel these things are 'inferior' to everyone else?, if there is no norm amongst human beings, how can their possibly be any form of inferiority?.
"I'm soo happy, oh soo happy, happy and free!"

2. Out of everyone you see, most don't care or know about how you did poorly on your last math test, or how you have gained a little weight since last summer.

3. If you have a complex about a specific body part, that being your arms, legs, feet, hands, think hard about what makes them 'inferior' to everyone else, write this on paper if it helps. Seriously think about the logic of these, you're not going to seriously get stopped in the street for having what you think of as 'inferior' hands or feet and etc

4. What is it you fear will happen, upon the revealing of your inferiority to everyone else, do you fear people looking, making comments?. These are all valid worries but do bear in mind - everyone is different. Any comments you receive are invalid and must be ignored at all costs. Its absolutely certain there is something they think is wrong with them too.

5. If you find your inferiority difficult to deal with, enlist the help of a friend. Good friends will help you achieve your goals, what ever that may be. For limbs it may be to eventually be able (for leg complexes) to walk around in shorts. Good friends will tell you the truth, and you can work together on ways to make you feel better about yourself. If you find it difficult to talk with friends, ask them if they feel inferior sometimes, you may be surprised how worried people get

6. REMEMBER, you are NOT alone!

7. If you are male and feel 'inferior' and cannot seriously enlist the help of a friend for whatever reason, remember all of the above, and perhaps you can talk to a counselor if need be. If you have a girlfriend/wife or close friend who is female, they can also help you. Don't reject their help because they are female, they are better sources of information than fellow men could be.

8. Finally, if it helps, examine other people (not obvious staring). How do they react to their body, how to they show themselves, do they have a similar body type to you?, this could really help you reach your goals.

9. Respect yourself. Look in the mirror and give yourself compliments. If you don't respect yourself, who will?

Tips EVERY human being is DIFFERENT
- Think WHY do you feel you/certain parts of you are inferior? Write this down, think about this LOGICALLY, talk to friends or family
- There is no normal human being, and no normal framework for a human being, accept your differences in a positive manner, for instance "Yeah, i have big feet, but thats what makes me me!"
- Don't think of your DIFFERENCES as INFERIORITIES, class them as unique qualities that make you who you are.

- If it wasn't for those things, you'd be a generic, boring clone with no traits
- If you are overweight, underweight, short, or tall to the point that others see you as inferior due to those traits, throw their insults right back at them as jokes against yourself. Not only will you confuse them, you will make yourself laugh, therefore feel better about your uniqueness.
- Accept who you are!
- smile every day
- try hard
- It may seem other people are perfect, but really they have their own differences


If your inferiority is physical, avoid looking in the mirror to much in the first stages, you will be constantly reminding yourself, and this helps nothing.
Never refer to your differences as inferiorities!
Never listen to ANYONE who puts you down
If others make fun of you laugh with them

Things You'll Need

- The mind-set to change
- Good friends
- Positivity
- a stable emotional state

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