Friday, March 21, 2008

Only For You....

Sometimes when you love someone very much,
you have to go through every tear,
every heartache and every pain. Because in the end, it’s not how you love but how much you hold on

Real true love is having all the things go wrong
but still having a special way to love despite of
all the wrong things that had happened.
Learn to forgive and love again.

Listen’ contains the same letters as ‘silent.’
Listen to the silence of the heart, hear what it says
so you’ll know what will make you happy.

Life is a series of steps.
Each step leads to joyful surprises
and some with happy conclusions.
Let the love in your heart be your guide
as you step to your full potential

Everyone must learn to be patient with loneliness.
Happiness begins from within.

If we can’t tolerate
being alone, it’s more likely that we haven’t found
happiness yet.

Sometimes, things change, plans fail, joy fades and excitements go.
You begin to ask why. But when you look above, all worries depart. God is always there for you.

Maybe sometimes love just ain’t enough.


Noushy Syah said...

Wow..I love this's so true about love, loneliness and happiness..

Happiness is something so subjective and comes from deep within...

Season changes, people do change as well as plans fail..but God is always there watching us. Only to God be the Glory.

Have a gr8 day/weekend kak Dhiya.

Noushy Syah said...

p/s It's true that love alone is ain't enough!! We need more than love in this world:)

Lynn Dayana said...

Emmm.....catatan untuk seorang teman?

dhiya zafira said...

memang benar. akak dapat benda ni dari email. rasa sangat menarik so akak post kat sini.kdg2 kita tak pasti dalam hidup kita ni akan sentiasa bahagia atau adakah akan duka berpanjangan.
yang pasti, kena mesti teruskan hidup. dan gunakan segala peluang yang ada dengan sebaik-baiknya

dhiya zafira said...

sebuah n3 yang menarik. boleh juga kalau nak jadikan ia sebagai panduan.


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